Ep 6.2

While the feud is evergreen, the insecurity seems to be lesser than before, don’t you think?


Ep 6.1

Not really an existential crisis any more, but probably a misguided attempt at self-expression?

Ep 5.7

Sorry for the delay. Between a job change, moving house, and a dying pet, I hardly found the time to draw. Truth be told, I also struggled with how to bring this little existential crisis for the T-Rex to a close. I guess it went full circle and came back to square one. And if you’re wondering if my drawing quality went downhill after this little hiatus? I think so too.

Ep 5.6

Speechless. The second strip so far without dialogue. It was initially just between the T-rex and the Compsognathus, but I thought the dragonfly added some dynamism to the relationship and gave the T-rex more to think about. Make of it what you will.

Ep 5.1

Introducing other dinosaurs that will not simply be part of the background, and also the first larger death. Though the Spinosaurus is essentially a different species from the T-rex, I found it to be too confusing for the narrative to feature another T-Rex; which was also why a different type of ceratopsian gets killed and not another Triceratops. The distinction is more predator vs prey.

The first version of this strip had a rougher rendering and no dialogue for the Spinosaurus, but after sleeping on it (which I think I need to do before each post), I find it to be a bit off-putting, so I rendered him like the others and made him speak as well, since I did intend for more interaction between him and T-Rex in this arc. Unfortunately for the Protoceratops, it stays gray and dead.

Ep 4.7

This one took a little longer than usual. I hope it’s the many things I had to deal with in life that caused the delay and not so much the mental block, or worse, laziness. Introduced more toys to the prehistoric age. Love the puny cubic r/c car though.