This is  B. H. Tey.


I wear many hats. Some of you know me as a psychologist, a trainer, a lecturer, a counsellor, some of you might remember me as the guy who was making toys; but I am neither a spiritual teacher nor a great artist (not even half decent as you can see). A long time ago, I drew mainly for myself. Friends liked what I did and I started drawing for them as well. As I grew up I drew less for others and then I ended up drawing less altogether. The occassional work I did I did as gifts for loved ones but I was reminded that some of these drawings and the messages behind them may be beneficial to others as well.

So in the year 2013, I decided I am going to draw something everyday. Maybe it’s just for my own enjoyment but hopefully you will find that some of my messages are just what you needed to see as well.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Sometimes, one sentence can change people’s perspective and gave them strength to face the unknown… that was what happened to me years ago. Jiayou for your drawing, it is meaningful 🙂

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