At the end of it all?

I may be getting ahead of myself a little here but I have asked this of myself: “What happens when my entire year of daily doodles are done?”

Two things came to mind.

One, I will hold a small exhibition in a small local gallery with all 365 original works on the wall for everyone to see the entire journey of 365 days. It’s hard to get a scale of things when you browse online so a showcase like this will mark a nice end to it all. Perhaps, if it be deemed worthy, a sale of drawings and the proceeds can go to some kind of charity. That’s just wishful thinking on my part for now.

Two, I ask the audience. Though there aren’t many of you right now but I’d like to hear from you nonetheless. Is it a sound idea to have an exhibition? A book perhaps? Or just let it be?

I am obvious biased (positively or negatively) towards what I do but I trust you to be more objective, dear audience, so what say you? Leave me your thoughts, I’ll be listening for the next 9 months.IMG_1423


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