Ep 2.1

A bit of a sequel to the “arms” saga before we move on. And no, the absence of speech is not a mistake. Works better, I think?

Ep 1.7

My first “Sunday” strip, bringing this ‘puny arms’ issue to a short arc closure. This is my first attempt at a larger format, so I’m going a little crazy with the theme as well as the drawing -which requires twice the amount of inking and colouring time. I’ll probably tone it down a little for subsequent “Sundays”.

Ep 1.6

So I’ve been trying to figure out how a story arc should flow for a 6+1 instalment and I think I’ve only given it some direction in the last two strips. Otherwise I think the entire narrative is just resolved around gloating about those puny arms. Let’s see how the “Sunday” full-page strip delivers the ending.

Ep 1.3

Tried to research plants and fruits of the Cretaceous period, particularly any that fits the Triceratops’ diet, for accurate depiction. Then I realised that my dinosaurs are hardly “paleontologically” accurate to begin with.

Ep 1.1

The first formal post in proper strip format, with clean frames and speech balloons, sharper inking lines and brighter colours. In hindsight, the highlights do make the T-rex look gold-plated.

Ep 0.3

Third trial and a closer look at the cast, sans the Pterodactyl. While I have received feedback that some like the rough colouring style, I am too conscious of my shoddy colour pencil work that I feel I had to ‘clean’ this up.