Ep 4.6

Self-serving egocentricity soars to new heights.

This strip was originally posted with different dialogue.

“I will be the first to swoop in at the first sign of trouble…” First and first, sounds weird.

“Hey, a little help here?” I get the sense the slang doesn’t work well here.

“My power should be saved for bigger problems.” Hardly ironic nor funny. Not sure if the current edit works well, but I’ll leave it here for now.

And funny how the Stegosaurus is stuck like a cat in a tree.


Ep 4.5

While I’ve no intention of making commentaries or social issues, recent news kind of resonated with the theme of the week.

Ep 4.2

Ok. It is confirmed – I am horrible with backgrounds. And, this is the first appearance of other dinosaurs in addition to the five main characters, and the decision is that they will not have vibrant colours. Incidentally, I’m also trying something new on my Instagram posts – laying out the four panels in a square canvas so I can just make a single post. A bit more work prior to posting but it makes the Instagram bit a little easier. Question is, does it mess with the flow of reading? We’ll see.

Ep 3.7

So the depression story arc comes to a close. I didn’t want to make it too preachy but I hope some of the wee messages got across just fine. This last big punchline is really just about empathy – the T-Rex joins the Stegosaurus in the darkness as opposed to staying in the brighter side.

Ep 3.6

Previously it was challenging to convey my intentions in a single image and tagline, but I could leave the deeper interpretation to the audience. Now even though I have four panels and more room for dialogue, it doesn’t get any easier.